Ragtag Daily Prompt: THE BLUES

We had a good soaker last night; I looked out at 2 am when the storm was at its worst, flashing, crashing, and roaring overhead, and saw the rain coming down in sheets. This morning a tub left outside has over an inch of rain in the bottom.

So no more singing the dryland blues here. Rather, since I was awake in the night, I jotted down this haiku as it came to me.
Lexico supplies this definition for PETRICHOR: A pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

rain in the night
the petrichor a promise
of golden grain

I had lots of opportunity to ponder life, love, and the path of tornadoes while the storm was making such a racket and debouching over our heads. Thoughts like: If a tornado hit our home, which of our belongings would we miss the most? And, Why didn’t I put my laptop away in its case, where it would be more protected? Irrelevant thoughts, perhaps, but what other kind do you have at that hour?

This morning’s Word of the Day Challenge: FORGOTTEN

I remembered all the scribbled verses on scraps of paper floating around my computer desk. They’d be lost in the storm and the brilliant thoughts (?) forever forgotten! Rather than giving in to the blues at 2:30 am, I resolved again to get the worthwhile ones typed in and saved in DropBox.

Not a new thought. When I jot an idea down, I have every intention of dealing with it promptly. However, like clean laundry waiting to be folded and put away, they tend to pile up on my desk, awaiting processing.

5 thoughts on “Promise

  1. I do have thoughts like that when there is outside influences about. I have several notebook with lots of wonderful ideas and future projects as the scraps of paper is too hard to keep track of. Did you know that petrichor was coined in Australia? Thanks for joining in Christine 🙂 🙂

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    1. Having several notebooks is a great idea. I actually have about six on the go — plus scraps. Yes, disorganized. 😦 It’s my goal to get these entered before my eyesight grows dim.
      And yes, I read up on the word PETRICHOR. The WP Spell-check hasn’t recognized it yet.

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  2. It was quite the storm last night, I too pondered a tornado… funny how storms get you thinking, and now I’m regretting talking myself out of getting up to write down the words in my mind! Enjoyed your Haiku.

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