Potluck Offering

robin joins
our impromptu picnic
brings the sushi


Messin’ and learnin’…

With the new Block Editor, if you embed
an Inline image, your image can be resized
but not moved independently. Unless you choose to
change the text position — which moves the whole block.

7 thoughts on “Potluck Offering

  1. Lovely haiku

    And… are you enjoying the block editor? Because everyone I know who has switched switched back or struggled until they got the hang of it, cursing all the way.
    Some use it in a very “messy” fashion and makes reading their blogs painful…
    I am staying away for as long as I can..

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    1. Am I enjoying it? Not really. I haven’t ground my teeth down to nubs yet, but I have experienced quite a few frustrations. It’s a challenge and I’m messing with it, but for me, going hit-and-miss, there have been a number of glitches.

      As you see above, it has a button for adding an “inline image.” Businesses might like this, but the average blogger who is indecisive and wants to move stuff around is better off to just use the Image block to add an image.

      Someone asked if you can still cut and paste docs from Word or WordPerfect. Yes. But… Unless there’s a magic button somewhere, each paragraph, once spaced, is one Block, so you must justify or change colour font in each, one by one. That gets tedious. You can’t do your doc as a whole even though you pasted it in that way. It could be that if you don’t ever leave a space between paragraphs it will be okay. Must try that. (Some Happiness Engineer may correct me on all of this.)

      You can see colour changes, and if you keep track of the colour number, you can use that colour again farther down by typing in the number. Or do all the colour changes at once. But on your draft screen you can’t see if the paragraphs are justified; you have to preview your post to know for sure.

      Those are minor points. I’ve tried using the preset patterns, given up and deleted the post. On the one I used, I could stretch the whole block out, but not the space designated for the text, so the text appears way over on one side and the image on the other. There must be tutorials somewhere?

      You probably didn’t want to hear all this, but so far this is what I’ve discovered. I’ll keep on messing and maybe find the answers to these issues, but for your average write-a-post blogger, I can’t see any advantage so far.

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      1. No, I did want to hear. A blogger I followed had to scrap his whole post and redo it on the regular format after the block system screwed everything up. He said if WP forces us to use it, he’s leaving WP.

        I’ve only heard cursing about it. Not a single person adapted fully. And the one who has… I hate reading her blog now as she has blocks of colour with fonts in contrasting colours. Very hard to read and ugly, to boot.
        Make for a very busy post.

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