Rowing With The Flow

Crispina has issued her latest creative writing challenge: CCC #81

“Every Wednesday I post a photo (this week it’s that one above.)
You respond with something CREATIVE.”
To see the rules and get the image, CLICK HERE.
And here’s the photo that will inspire us this week:

And here’s my response:


“Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream…”

“Oh, Mom. You always come up with those silly little songs. No matter what you see, you have to sing about it.”

“That’s because I’m so old. I’ve heard many songs in my life. It’s all about triggers, my girl. When you get to be my age, you’ll understand.”

Melissa rolled her eyes.

“Actually, I wish we were rowing down this stream instead of walking beside it. Wouldn’t that be lovely?”

“Yeah. Let’s rent a paddle-boat and do it sometime. I’d go for an espresso right now, though…and there’s a Coffee Kicks two blocks ahead.” Melissa pointed, then sang the latest Coffee Kicks jingle.

Mom chuckled.

Realizing what she’d done, Melissa wailed, “Oh, no – it’s happening already! I’m becoming just like my mother.”

“And your grandma. Where do you think I got it from?”

Melissa sighed. “I’m doomed.”

14 thoughts on “Rowing With The Flow

  1. Nice one. But there wasn’t Coffee Kicks, just an ordinary snack-bar stall. And won’t it be nice when they get the boats back. Two years to renovate the old Venetian Waterways, and bang, lockdown comes.

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    1. “Coffee Kicks” was my invention so I didn’t expect one. 😉 Thankfully the waterway will be there after lock-down — and a hundred years after lock-down.
      Of course the thing I wonder: there are always viruses coming along, always different and potentially more fatal than the last. Is the world going to panic like this and lock-down every few years now?

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    1. Oh, it does happen — so often I hear those “echoes of Mom.”
      Bob’s mom laughed one day when dear hubby grumbled at me about singing those little bits when some word triggered me. Mom said, “He complained when I did that and now he has a wife that does the same.”

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