Sue’s Jibber Jabber Daily Word Prompt for today was LIVELY.
Here’s a poem I wrote back in 2012 that I think will make a good response to this prompt:

Rampant Ravager
tears my house to shreds
torpedoes across the carpets
pokes at, overturns, leaves permanent marks
of teeth in longsuffering houseplants—
Kitten-snoozer curled
in cushioned velvet chair,
soft paws waving like fronds
trying to snag a quick mouse,
or shred the leaves
in dreamland.

8 thoughts on “Katzenjammer

    1. I’d just call it free verse, though you may call it a shaped poem.
      It was more so originally: the middle line was “becomes Kitten-snoozer in…” so the poem was designed to grow outward and then inward again as it went down.

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      1. A shape or diamante-type poem, I believe; although, the diamante is 7lines only. Anyway, that is the one that your poem resembled in my mind.

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    1. Thanks, Keith. this poem has a bit of history: after I published it the first time, it was noticed by a female singing group from Europe who call themselves Katzenjammer. So they reblogged it on their official website and I got a lot of LIKES. My moment of international fame. 🙂

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