The servant’s child
in her hand-me-down dress;
the master’s children
nudging, smirking,
barely hide their giggles.

One day the gardener finds
a little girl’s dress
dirty and badly ripped
hidden under a bush.
The fabric looks familiar.

16 thoughts on “Charity

      1. I know. To be truthful, mine did the same, Dale. I’m reminded of a story from my own childhood. There was a little girl in my class whose family was very poor and the little girl was much smaller than I was. Once my mother took some of my outgrown clothes to the girl’s mother and asked if they could possibly use them. The next day the little girl showed up in my dress at school, but my mother has instructed me not to tell anyone we had given her my old clothes–afraid the little girl would be embarrassed or people would make fun of her. Immediately, one little girl who was noted for being mean came up to me and said, “Is that your dress than Tina is wearing?” I said no, as instructed. Later, she came back to me and, in front of other girls in the class, said, “Liar! Tina told me it was your dress!” Thus did I become a villain for a good act.

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