Late Summer Sighs

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is BOBBLE
and Fandango’s One-Word Challenge is CATCH

Here’s a quick little verse I’ve written as a response. The flowers are still lovely, but the plants are looking a bit weary. July was on the wet side, but for the past several weeks it’s been dry. Grain fields are ripening fast and harvest will soon be going full out.
Our mornings and evenings are quite cool and we’ve had cool windy days lately. The hummingbird juvies are still amusing us with their antics around our feeder, zipping, racing, chasing, but I fear they’ll soon catch the signal to head south. Thinking of them going — and the end of summer — makes me rather melancholic.

Late Summer Sighs

Asters bobbling in the breeze,
petunia blossoms dancing,
bees prying the snapdragon jaws —
but summer is advancing.

Linger on, don’t droop and fade –
our world needs your adorning!
Robins, wrens, sing on, sing on!
Don’t mind these cooler mornings.

10 thoughts on “Late Summer Sighs

    1. And it’s been so cool. Not many “dog days” for us this summer. I was telling DH this morning that he may as well take out the air conditioner, which he only put in at the beginning of July. Still, I won’t complain. I like cool rather than HOT. When I was a teen, when they were twinning the Trans-Canada, we had quite a few summer days over 100 F. The pavement was soft & sticky! 🙂

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      1. It’s been hot here. Some evenings it has been really muggy, unusual here. But the last few days have been much cooler. Looks like another week of sun and no rain.

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