Another New Editor?

A notice from Word Press today tells me that we’re getting a New & Improved Classic Editor and it will soon replace my current one. As I read the announcement, my impression was that this will be a hybrid: the best of Block + the clarity of Classic. And that I’ll be notified before the changeover.

Have you other bloggers been switched over yet? How are  you finding it?


Now for a couple misc. scribbles to end the day.
Here’s a joke I read on-line not long ago:
What did farmer Jones say when his cow ran off down the road after the morning milking?
“She won’t get far on an empty tank.”

And here’s a similar story which happened at the vet clinic where my husband works one day a week:
It was a cold winter day and one of the workers had started her pickup to let it warm up before heading home. She left it sitting in front of the Clinic and went in to do a couple more things, but when she came out, her pickup was gone. In that brief time someone had stolen it.
It was recovered two blocks down the street. The first place she’d planned to stop after work was the gas station, as the tank was almost empty. 🙂

22 thoughts on “Another New Editor?

  1. Really? I didn’t get that notice, but they automtically put me in the block editor today. Luckily I had an old draft I hadn’t used so I just edited it instead.. changed it to the new post. That’s one solution.. Make up a ton of empty drafts that you can use later.

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    1. This e-mail was titled “The Classic editing experience is moving, not leaving.”
      and it explains that as of Aug 11 all accounts will switch from the Classic editor to the new Block editor, that this change will happen in phases, and we’ll get an e-mail to let us know. So maybe this is my e-mail notice.
      As to doing empty drafts to use later, I’m not sure this will work in the long run. But what must be must be, i don’t want to postpone the inevitable. (Say! “Inevitable” would be a good RDP prompt word. 🙂 )


      1. I have been told by others that WordPress is no longer the best choice in blogging. I may be looking around for a new base. I do not want to change to the Block editor. Does anyone reading this have a suggestion for a different company?

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  2. I have not tried the new editor yet. I don’t even know if it’s a new editor. I’d seen the mail about the classic editor but I didn’t get the time to check it out. These days, I’m copying my old posts and I edit them to make my new post. I’ve almost managed to tolerate the block editor now.

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  3. Now that I understand the Block Editor, I’m comfortable with it. They do continue to change little things, and honestly I wish they’d just leave it alone. It’s kind of like the Walmart. Just about the time you get the store layout learned, they change it all up, doing silly things like putting candy in the soup aisle. Really? Just leave it alone!

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Linda. I suppose they’re keeping up with the latest possibilities, but I’ll never do a lot of the things that are now possible, like podcasts. But the little video shows that I can still choose the Classic editor if I want — I just have to click on it from the block choices.

      As far as Walmart moving stuff around, I’ve heard that’s a sales ploy. They don’t want you to get too comfortable going in and grabbing the items you usually get. If you have to hunt for it, you’re more open to suggestion and the eye appeal of other stuff, and buy on Impulse. year ago I read Vance Packard’s Hidden Persuaders and it’s amazing what all motivational marketers have studied and learned about shoppers!

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      1. You’re right about the sales tactics being behind the reshuffling of products. Makes me mad, so it doesn’t work on me. The last time they did the Big Shuffle, I kept a list of what aisles my normal products are in. I’m sure I’ll have to keep updating it 🙂

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  4. Having tried the block editor I decided I would return to Blogger if they forced it upon me. I can only assume that this improved classic editor has come about as a result of the backlash they’ve received.

    Where do cows go for entertainment? A moooovie theatre!

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    1. From what I can tell, you can still select a “Classic editor” block and it works much as before. Time will tell. As I recall from before, it was somewhat of a pain to comment from WP to Blogger — and there was no Reader at that time.

      Enjoyed your humoorous joke, though some readers may be ready to put us both out to pasture. 😉

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