Hugged Your Hagfish Today?

This morning blogger Sue from Tennessee posted a list of National Events in October. Click here to read “Very Special Month.” Of course I got curious and checked up on what the special today is — or rather the specials are, since today is the National Day of several things. One of which is “National Hagfish Day.” Ever heard of it?

Okay, these are eels, but a hagfish is much the same, just no real spine and more slimy. Ick!
(Image by PENEBAR — Pixabay)

Perhaps you’d rather go with National Reptile Day and hug your Salamander? Or National Medical Assistants Recognition Day and hug your nurse? It’s also National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day, so you have an excuse to enjoy some for your supper dessert. Read the whole list here.

Tomorrow, among the list of ten things to celebrate, is National Nut Day, National Bologna Day, and National Boston Cream Pie Day. I could definitely go for that! I’m thinking that if every food has its day, there won’t be enough days from now until the end of the world to celebrate the variety! And every month would have to have a National Diabetes Awareness Day to counteract all this feasting. 🙂

Apparently you can go to this site and register some particular thing you want mentioned. According to their blurb, “National Day Calendar is the premier destination for brands, nonprofits, and corporations to register an official National Day that aligns with their product or service.” All a gimmick, but mildly interesting — and it did make me look up HAGFISH.

Perhaps those of us who appreciate correct grammar could register a National ITS & IT’S Recognition Day? 🙂

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