A Y2K Sort of Day

Good morning everyone. I was up at 6:00 am — in time to see the clear night sky with the almost-full moon glowing down on us. I saw Mars glowing huge and brilliant last night, now Venus is taking its turn, rising in the eastern sky as bright as a headlight in the darkness.

Thinking about the situation in the US as voters go to the poll today, I feel as apprehensive as I did on Dec 31, 1999. Remember how we all held our breath, wondering if all our systems would still work on Jan 1, 2000 — or if those dire predictions about a technological crash would come to pass? Remember all the warnings? Computer systems and banking systems all over the world would crash; we’d lose all our data, all our money.

Today we’re wondering what changes this day will bring to our American friends and families? We’re all watching with anticipation — perhaps apprehension. It looks like our daily prompters are of the same mind.

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is TENTERHOOKS. According to Lexico, refers to a state of suspense or agitation because of uncertainty about a future event. A great description of how millions of people are feeling today. And Fandango’s One-Word Challenge is ANTICIPATE. Just as we all anticipated life would go on normally on 01/01/2000, so we anticipate the furor will fizzle and the US will carry on tomorrow.

Through the marvels of technology I was able to listen by phone to an hour of singing yesterday evening. A group from one of our Kansas congregations inspired us listeners with their hymns, well chosen for the hour. Songs to remind us that, come what may, we can put our trust in our Heavenly Father. One of the brethren there closed the evening with a prayer, especially asking God to guide their nation today. He prayed that all believers would be good and compliant citizens regardless of the political situation.

Here’s a Bible verse to encourage believers in troubled times:

Original image: Engin Akyurt — Pixabay

13 thoughts on “A Y2K Sort of Day

  1. Good luck whichever way you vote. Here in the UK we are being informed that in this US election we may see one of the largest number of Americans cast their vote. This indicates a strong range of feelings all round.
    I know a lot of people here in the UK get just as excited about events in the USA as at home.

    Last month we had two full moons – not that has anything to do with the election.
    Enjoy your day.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. Actually, I’m Canadian, so a neutral observer but still concerned. I think most Canadians rarely get that worked up about politics, however, we do watch what’s happening in the US. Like the elephant and the mouse analogy, they may roll over and squash us a bit. Especially now that we have a supposedly free-trade agreement that “Uncle Sam” is wont to violate on occasion.

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      1. Misunderstood your post. I now know you are near Saskatoon on your page – about. Lesson learned for me to read much more widely.
        The UK is looking for more trade agreements with the US after Brexit – but nobody here wants their chlorinated chicken!

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      2. Over the years I have observed that the US foreign policy, including trade agreements, tends to be, “What’s good for Uncle Sam is good for you.” No matter what’s on paper, the US govt will hurt foreign producers rather than their own.

        As soon as some producers’ group — say hog producers or steel mills — has a surplus, they put pressure on the President and he slaps a tariff on incoming products from Canada. Canada has to go to international court to get it lifted — but while it’s being settled the US producers get their space to sell their stuff.

        Britain may find it different, but we’ve seen the US govt violate our free trade agreement many times now, so free trade with the US seems to be useful only to a point.

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  2. Voter turnout at our polling site was enormous–biggest one I’ve seen in the 26 years we’ve lived here. That says to me that people understand how vitally important this election is, and. I’m glad to see it. What happens today will affect the entire world, one way or the other.

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  3. I appreciate all the prayers but I will not be a compliant citizen if our country continues to put children in cages and police continue to kill people of color without reason. If I am silent I am complicit and enough is enough. If our current President is re-elected I will no longer be compliant.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. Just listened to someone else say the opposite — but that’s politics. Time will tell what the reaction will be, but I see that the National Guard has been put on alert. I assume if your fav’s win, you’ll want the other side to be compliant, so don’t do anything too drastic.

      There’s always the possibility that if the current president is re-elected, central Americans will get the message and stop trying to sneak across the border with their children. If elected, has the other candidate agreed to release them all and let them settle in the US — or even open the border and let the relatives flow in? Or does he have a better plan to stop illegal immigration?

      As to police killing people of color, that’s your history; it’s not a new thing, sad to say. I’ve read a lot of 1900s history and it’s pretty ugly in that regard.


    1. Sorry, but I think a lot of this is manipulation by agents unknown. We have friends here, Spanish-speaking missionaries who spent six months in Mexico a couple of years ago, They heard about a number of Central Americans — not refugees — coming through Mexico who’d been told the US border was open for immigrants. Unfortunately when they got to the Texas border they found out this wasn’t true. So who told them this?
      I think someone just wanted to cause a lot of trouble and embarrassment for the US with this whole fiasco and the media is giving it the “poor refugees” spin. I suspect Mexicans and Central Americans coming to the US for asylum soon would be one of your country’s biggest problems if you did open the borders and let them all in. As to Jesus, he didn’t get involved in politics or advocating on a national level for the poor, or refugees. He offered everyone alike the Kingdom of God.


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