A Slap of Diverse Weather

The Ragtag Daily Prompt for today is DIVERSITY

Which we have today. After a couple of weeks of mild Indian summer warmth with temps around 10-14 C (50-55 F, give or take) a diverse weather system arrived in the night and fine snow began sifting down on us. The temp today has hovered below 0C or 32F, so a lot of the precipitation has liquefied. But new snow started this afternoon and now we’ve a fluffy white blanket.

Quite diverse from the balmy day yesterday. I was refilling my shallow basin of water for the sparrows that I have in front of our living room window and they took great delight in splashing in it. I probably won’t need to set water out for the birds for a good long while. Mind you, we really welcome this snow. It’s been so dry here for so long.

Two days ago I listened to a webinar about Scrivener writing programme and found it very interesting. It’s one huge organizational writing “notebook” package plus, storing your manuscript broken into scenes, all your reference material, imports and exports files, compiles your work as an e-book, etc. I see it comes complete with various “how to” tutorials. My husband is definitely interested in giving it a whirl. Has anyone else out there tried it and did you like it?

5 thoughts on “A Slap of Diverse Weather

  1. I’m still a novice at Scrivener, but looking forward to getting the hang of the great functionality. It makes sorting and moving pieces of a story much easier.

    My current WIP is coming to me in scenes, so I write each in a different text page and then I’ll put them in the right order and fill in the blanks at the end.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. I see various tutorials offered on YouTube and also some that come with the pkg, so I should be able to get working on it quickly, if and when I decide to buy it. I like the “cork board” feature, too, where scenes can be set up individually and juggled around as needed.

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  2. Hmmm… been looking for something else to write on as Novlr is giving me issues. There seems to be some kind of bug stopping me from logging in (and I’ve over 25k words written) and the support staff is not responding.

    I fear I shall have to start all over – woe is me – and was searching for another site…

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    1. Novir? That’s a new one for me.
      My computer wants to do every “Reply” as a new comment from me rather than an answer. Sigh
      I can’t believe how much snow we’re getting in one dump this weekend. 50 cm of heavy wet stuff — just like Montreal!

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