A lively little pooch, we say,
 a silly scalawag
 with ears that never will stand up
 and plumy tail to wag.

 Considered all the normal names,
 then called him Mini-Wow.
 Because he's always in a rush
 to go somewhere, somehow.

 Shenanigans he's into
 would make the saintly bawl!
 And mother's moue was fearsome
 for that dead rat in the hall!

 He's carried off Dad's papers
 and battered Missy's doll;
 he's chewed my nicest slippers
 and punctured Tommy's ball.

 He’ll tear around the table,
 dash through an open door,
 chase his tail, plague the cat – 
 why don’t his feet get sore?

 "If I had half his energy,"
 Dad frequently exclaims,
 "I'd face each day with zoom and zip
 and join in all your games."

Ragtag Daily Prompt: MOUE

7 thoughts on “Mini-Wow

      1. They would literally start bleeding and I’d have to wrap & flour them. He was a malamute and we had NO idea how active they need to be. He needed to be on a farm like we have now, not in the city. We didn’t know & I felt bad for him as I would be at school all day long and he’d be bored.

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