Weaver of Words, Spinner of Tales

Today I’ll combine my response to the Ragtag Daily Prompt word, SNITCH

Image: Mohamed Hassan — Pixabay

with The Sunday WhirlWordle #484

Object: Use as many words as you can in a story or verse
A master at crafting,
 your stories build walls;
 raise up humble dwellings
 and palaces tall.

 I look out the windows
 you've set in your halls – 
 some frames bold and black,
 some narrow, some small.

 I spy this new country
 you've chosen to scrawl,
 this world to discover
 with scenes to enthrall.

 You've thrown up some cities
 and peopled them all,
 each soul with their trial
 and frequent downfall.

 You snitch someone's sweetheart
 misled by some knave;
 throw gallants to lions
 to prove themselves brave.

 I'll read half the night
 drawn into your spin.
 But, wasted next morning,
 I just want to sleep in!

9 thoughts on “Weaver of Words, Spinner of Tales

    1. Oh, yes. some stories do keep me reading into the wee hours. Some I just know I mustn’t start after 8pm. 😉
      I didn’t think I’d subscribed to the Sunday Whirl — maybe I did in my sleep? Anyway, I must have, as it popped into my inbox this morning. Thanks for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

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