The Hawk At Dawn

In the light of dawn his profile
 adorns the south route sign
 waiting for day to reveal
 the carnage of speed.
 Then he feasts,
 crisscrossing the highway
 sampling the hapless menu.

 Does he ever rise into the sky
 to dip in the currents heavens?
 Or has this young hawk bartered
 his soul for this putrid feast?
 Sold his soaring and searching,
 abandoning lofty rights
 for the easy dead and the dying?

 Like those human birds of prey
 flush with the takings of greed,
 those shadows that lurk in byways
 to prey on suffering souls.

Heather’s choice for the Ragtag Daily Prompt today: FLUSH
Fandango’s One-word Challenge: PUTRID

5 thoughts on “The Hawk At Dawn

      1. The death of many an animal falls to the road either because they rely on it for supplies, or don’t understand the danger there in.

        Oddly roads paved the way to the future they will utimately pave the way to the end as well.

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      2. Thankfully people are starting to be more aware or caring about the lives of all this road-kill, making alternate routes and tunnels for the animals. Here on the prairie there are many deer that make a mad dash — and don’t make it.


      3. We have a new road where many animals are murdered every day. They never understand animals like deer follow the same routes to food and water regardless of human destruction for unnecessary roads and buildings and that’s why they get killed.

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