ABC Halloween Candy

The Ragtag Daily Prompt today is MISPLACED, and I’ve just read the response by blogger Keith. His tale, Bob’s Naughty Teeth, brings to mind news story I read ages ago. I recorded this in Nov 1992 but through the wonder of Drop Box I dredged it up after a few moments of searching.

Halloween treat a real mouthful!

While he was handing out candy Halloween night, a 69-year-old man in Winnipeg thinks he accidentally dropped his false teeth into somebody’s bag.
“They just disappeared,” said Mr. Brown, who worries parents in the area will think it was someone’s idea of a sick joke. “It’s kind of a weird Halloween happening.”
The retired carpenter said he decided to try out some candy kisses and they became stuck in his dentures. He took his teeth out and was pondering what to do next when his doorbell rang.
Mr. Brown thinks that, in the confusion, he must have tossed his teeth into the sack of some trick-or-treater along with–or instead of–the candy. He didn’t realize his error until he went to put the teeth in water before he went to bed. “They just weren’t there,” he said.

*ABC = Already Been Chewed. Usually refers to shared bubble gum.

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