Christmas Courier

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #110
Here’s how it works:
Every Wednesday Crispina posts a photo (this week it’s the one below.)
Writers respond with something CREATIVE.

And have fun!

Here’s my 150-word response — those who have ordered things online will understand 😉 (Have I mentioned my books that got a side trip to Sweden?) Plus my response to the Word of the Day challenge: VERKLEMPT


“Hey, elf! Why you hanging there? Trying out your wings?”

“Nah. The mistress here ordered her Christmas gifts online and she’s getting anxious for their arrival. She’s hung me here to watch for the delivery van and holler the minute I see it.

“I’m sure the courier will ring the doorbell.”

“Mistakes have been known to happen. Wrong house number, that sort of thing. Some couriers think it’s close enough if they toss packages inside your front gate. So this is my post.”

“How long you been hanging there?”

“The package was shipped October 30th.”

“Six weeks! I’m afraid…”

“Yeah, hope grows dim. The mistress says she’ll be verklempt – clear over the moon – if and when she actually holds the package in her hand.”

“Might have done better sending it by reindeer and sleigh.”

“She was afraid they’d eat her yew trees. She wants the place looking nice for Christmas.”

5 thoughts on “Christmas Courier

  1. I was very surprised yesterday when my wife got a delivery of *frozen food* delivered. Just that they can do all this low-temperature stuff. When you think, they must have picked it up from the sender the day before, so nthey must have a freezer at the depot…
    But obviously, some couriers are better than others 🤣

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    1. The books I have on order this time, shipped as two parcels, are arriving via Canada Post. Sent Dec 4 + 7, they’ve apparently made it into Canada with no side trips to Sweden. One went to BC, though. The other’s in Saskatoon, so…maybe today??

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