That Beautiful Blank Page!

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Doesn’t everybody love New Year’s Day? That sense of leaving the past behind — especially past failings — and starting fresh. The blank sheet on which we hope to write this year’s goals –and later adorn the list with check marks for “DONE.”

Be more patient. Reconnect with someone. Lose weight. Be more faithful in posting on the blog. Paint that picture. Finish that book. Renew memberships. De-clutter the house. What are your goals for 2021?

Last week I announced one of my goals: having scrolled through my Amazon account and seeing all the books I either haven’t read yet or read and forgotten, without adding stars or writing a review, I’ve resolved to go through the list and deal with each one before I BUY ONE MORE BOOK. I’m happy to report that I’ve read one and almost finished the second. I deleted the first; it was 3-star Okay, but I’ll never read it again so why let it clutter up my e-reader.

Another goal I’ve been working at: go through my e-mails, check out the ones I haven’t yet opened and delete last year’s unimportant e-mails.

Last night I contemplated giving my blog a fresh new look, so I checked out the themes offered by WordPress. But when all was said and done, I decided to keep the one I have for the time being. Some wise soul once said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I’ll go with that. I’ll rather adorn my blog with a new Home Page, header and background color.

Although I’ve already erred by leaving a rather political comment on Mr Bump’s blog this morning, I’ve resolved to avoid political discussions and not offer my two-cents’ worth re: same. There are lots of positive things to write about. Politically, the world is going to wrack and to ruin. Do I need to say more on that subject? 😉

Yes, I have a book I want to finish — several, in fact. And ones I want to write. Will this be the year? There’s also my tub of miscellaneous scribblings waiting to be keyed into computer files. And sewing projects to finish.

One of my biggest dreams is to paint. I’ll never do anything beautiful, but even if I can squeeze some paint onto a canvas and swirl it around to resemble some abstract sort of flowers, I’ll be happy. In 2019 I bought a couple of canvases and acrylic paints — but painting didn’t happen. Will this be the year, or will there always be too many other things more pressing?

I’d better quit… My blank page is getting full! Let’s see what all I get checked off in the coming twelve months. 🙂

11 thoughts on “That Beautiful Blank Page!

  1. I always say, I’m never going to let my emails get out of control…maybe this will be the year. I’m not a resolution kind of maker. All the best in 2021, I hope you get to the painting, sounds like a great way to spend some time!

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    1. E-mails come in one day at a time, so, theoretically… 😉
      I hope I get to painting, too … but I may have to give up doing jigsaw puzzles. This past week I spent about twenty hours doing a really tough one. 😦
      They say it’s not your time, but your priorities.

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      1. Priorities most likely. Well that could be a good excuse too, more time for jigsaw puzzles isn’t such a bad thing, and if something doesn’t get done, it just wasn’t a priority! lol

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      2. Thanks for your comments, Heather.
        With puzzles, I justify myself: I do them for the folks at the Villa, to be sure all the pieces are there. 😉 And when I’ve done a big one, I package it in smaller sections, say in quarters, so it’ll be easier for them to do. A 1000-piece puzzle soon overwhelms them.

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  2. I suggest leaving some of that page blank so that you can ‘write your story’ as you go along… sometimes the element of surprise takes us to places we never thought we’d go. Enjoy the ride, Christine. Happy New Year!

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