Goodbye and Welcome

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning was PRESIDENT, certainly a timely prompt, considering the changeover of leadership in the US. Former President Trump has delivered his farewell speech and President Biden’s made his inaugural speech. Now to go forward and face the issues at hand.

Not being an American, and deciding to set political opinions aside for the time being, I haven’t followed this Biden-Harris duo as they carried out their campaign. Thus I have only a few impressions about their personalities and their future plans for America. I appreciate Mr Biden’s comments about the need for uniting the country and hope folks will get give him the respect and support he deserves as the elected leader.

I did just read a news article about the new Vice president being sworn in Wednesday. This writer says that those who know Kamala Harris feel she’ll be able to bring an important, fresh perspective to the discussions re: how to overcome the hurdles the new administration is facing. Certainly their first need now is to win the confidence of citizens all across the country.

I’m sure Ms Harris has overcome a lot of hurdles to get where she is today and I hope her own struggles have given her insights into the needs of her fellow Americans. I really hope citizens will get behind the administration so the US can achieve the unity folks seem to be longing for. I pray America will always be a country of integrity, where citizens can live and work in safety and freedom from harassment, whatever their beliefs and leanings.

8 thoughts on “Goodbye and Welcome

  1. Definitely America & many other places are in need of some healing and decent leadership. Unfortunately, a time that should be uniting us has become more dividing than ever in my opinion. We’ve all got some work to do! As human beings we need to practice more being human.

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    1. I agree; we all have work to do. Decent human beings have a right to expect and get decent leadership. If the citizens are honest, they have a right to expect honesty.When a society as a whole abandons its integrity, the leadership will follow suit, I think.

      It surprised me, when Mr Trump was elected, that people were criticizing him for his divorces when so many American marriages end in divorce and a large number of people have been married more than twice.

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      1. I agree with you about integrity. They will only rise to the standard that we demand of them, just like children. If we expect mediocre, that’s what they’ll give you. Unfortunately, a good many citizens are quick to criticize when in fact one can only truly pass judgment if they first judge themselves similarly. It’s a deflection of their own truth in some way.

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