The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is APPEALING

Have you heard that new singer, McLeod?
He’s able to draw quite a crowd
with his lyrics appealing
infused with such feeling
He soon has his audience wowed.

And on a quite different vein, in her last letter my penpal from England feels sympathy for the birds at their feeder when she writes: “…by the end of January the UK will be affected by an icy blast from Siberia, which will send our temperatures plummeting to -5̊ C.”

I watch our local birds fluttering around the feeder this morning – English sparrows, I might add – all puffed up, bravely facing our chilly -33̊C. However, our predicted high today is a more appealing -24. I guess our sparrows have had over a century and many generations to adapt to our climate, though.

23 thoughts on “Appealing

    1. I suppose in the summertime they can use leaves for sun hats, but there aren’t any to wrap themselves in now. Not only is our snow deep, but we just had a blizzard where wind gusts up to 143 kmph were recorded in southern SK. It was a wild one and I wondered where the poor birds found shelter without getting buried. The storm left us snow drifts up to 1.5 metres deep across our back yard.
      Glad you liked my musical limerick. 🙂

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      1. You really have been hit by some wintery weather! I almost feel guilty mentioning that we have the bluest of blue skys and sunshine here right now, and we’re about the only part of the UK without snow! Hope your birds are keeping chirpy despite the inclement conditions!

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  1. Wowzers! I cannot imagine what that is like. I’ve never seen snow, like proper snow, and it’s one thing I really want to experience.
    Pardon my ignorance, but do you go outdoors when it’s THAT cold? Lots of thermal underwear must be worn, I guess. And the cars…do they start OK? Your heating at home…what happens?? Tell me everything!!

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    1. The snow and the Northern Lights: two things for you to put on your bucket list. 🙂

      Perhaps I could do my next blog post and tell about “square tires” and other things that happen when the temps fall below -40C/F 🙂

      One of the old fellows at the seniors home where I work shared stories about early days in the Peace River Country (Northern Alberta.) One morning the temp was -70F and they were on their way to town with a team of horses. His grandfather had died, so his dad and he (+ some brothers?) were making this necessary trip.

      The Peace River Country is noted for a lack of wind. After a snowfall there can be a stack of snow 6″ high on top of fence posts. He says the horses were huffing out steamy breaths as they went along to town and the steam was freezing in the air. On the way back they noticed those frozen clouds of steam from the horses, still suspended along the road.

      My husband has seen a -50 F morning, but that’s as low as it gets here in southern SK. Yes, you definitely bundle up warm! But when we get a week of -40 — which we usually do right after Christmas, there’s seldom any wind, just clear blue sky.

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      1. Fabulous! I’m hooked. Snow and NL definitely on my bucket list. 🙂
        I’ve just written about the heat here in Melbourne, overnight and today. It’s oppressive, and breathtaking (not in a good way). I’m sure you’d welcome a bit of warmth from the sun, and I’d welcome some cool air. Funny isn’t it?

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  2. Wow! You’ve had quite the weather. We had some crazy winds and such too, 90-120 km/h. Glad our roof stayed on—literally. We haven’t had that much snow though and it’s only been colder the past couple of weeks. Life on the prairies, eh? Stay safe and warm!

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