A Fond Adieu

The Ragtag Daily Prompt today is ADIEU
Word of the Day Challenge: DISAPPOINTED

Back at the beginning of Dec 2019 I became one of the prompt hosts for the Ragtag Daily Prompt effort. So I’ve done it for a year and two months, really enjoyed coming up with word as prompts, working with fellow RDP hosts, checking out all the responses, and leaving comments where I could. It’s been challenging, enjoyable, and I’ve “met” a number of other writers this way.

Now I’ve chosen the prompt word ADIEU because I’m handing the reins back to GGM, or “Gizzylaw,” the host I took over from. I’m ready to let it go and I hear she’s missed the interaction and is eager to get back at it.

My day was Sunday, and while we’re self-isolating most Sundays, I had time to read and comment on most of the responses. Now I’m looking ahead to the day when we’ll be interacting regularly with fellow church members and visiting in homes again on Sundays. I’m also giving this task to Gizzy because I have other things I should, and want, to do. I’m only disappointed that there aren’t more days in each week, so I could fit in everything I should and want to do!

I think all of you are likewise hoping that life and activities will soon return to normal. I hope we’re not disappointed when that day comes, learning that we must continue to be super-careful of germs & viruses. I commented to someone that I’d be glad when we can ditch these masks, and she replied that the sure have cut down on the number of colds and regular ‘flu’s being spread. True, but…we need smiles, too!

Anyway, when I first was accepted as one of the prompters, I was so enthused I made a long list of possible prompt words — and I’ve been adding to that list ever since. So I’ll be choosing one now and then and working it into a post, just for fun.

And of course there are various other writing prompts I may take part in. In addition to the Ragtag Daily Prompt and the Word of the Day (links above), there’s also Sheryl’s Your Daily Word, Fandango’s One-Word Challenge or The Sunday Whirl, where we’re given a number of words to work into a post, or Sammi’s weekend writing prompt. This weekend her word is BEGUILE and the word limit is 51.

And now, ADIEU for today. 🙂

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