Silence of the Cat

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is SILENCE

Much has been written about SILENCE, and many verses have been composed, but I had such an apt demonstration while I was reading others’ posts this morning that I decided to go with this example. The prompt is to be fun, so here’s mine.

Image by MonikaDesigns — Pixabay
Silently he slinks
 noiselessly he springs
 a dark shape passes
 in front of my monitor.

 Suddenly the White-out
 spins off my desk
 followed swiftly by a pen.
 A few deranged paper clips
 scratch their way to the plunge;
 a rubber band leaps after.

 A deft white paw lands
 with a click on my keyboard
 and zxzxzxzx's flash
 like magic across my screen
 as Puss leaps into my lap.

 A silent creature by nature
 he has his way of insisting
 I leave this impertinent clacking
 to come play "chase the mouse"
 or at least offer a nibble from
 the jar of treats on the shelf.

 He may do his deeds in silence
 -- unless I step on his tail --
 but when he wants me
 to meet his need, he has his way
 to ensure I can't miss him.

10 thoughts on “Silence of the Cat

    1. Our Tuffy, being about seven months old now, loves action — and when he’s bored he likes to wrestle with Angus, who’s about ten years old. Angus obliges, but then there’s a lot of snarling and squeaking noise as they go at it. At times we think one is murdering the other. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. It certainly does. Last night I was reading about how to paint clouds and the cats, wanting my attention, were hovering around my desk like dark clouds. Then one of them stepped on the FAX button of the fax machine and suddenly I was hearing this mechanical “This line is busy right now, will try transmitting again later.” And these now & improved devices don’t have a simple “OFF” switch!

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