Another Wintry Tale

The Ragtag Daily Prompt for today is CHILLY. You might guess that word will bring some frosty responses from those of us in northern climes.

This has been a chilly week for us. On Sunday we here in SK recorded the lowest temperature on the planet. A nice conversation piece to share as we huddle around the fireplace. 🙂

Monday morning was seriously cold, school buses didn’t run so rural schools were closed. In the afternoon the wind came up. I had a meeting to go to and stopped at the mail boxes on my way home. Exposed to the bitter wind, I believe the warning the weather man often gives: “Exposed flesh can freeze in one minute.” Coming from the cooks’ + management meeting at the Villa, I wasn’t dressed for -40!

Someone asked how we dress for this cold weather. Bundled up warmly, with gloves, fuzzy scarves around our noses and foreheads, and thickly lined coats and boots. People who must be outdoors much may wear balaclavas to keep their faces from freezing. But vehicles have improved very much over the years, with heating vents and wires through the glass. You must have a block heater if you live in this country and plug your car in on nights this cold. Below -30 your chances of starting a vehicle without one are pretty slim.

That NW wind carried on all night and most of Tuesday, blowing snow across the north south highway and stranding vehicles in ditches. Blowing in from the fields NW of us, snow filled in our driveway with hard-packed knee- to waist-deep drifts. Looking out into the garden I estimated the snow peaks at 1.5 m or 60″ and an average depth of a metre/40″ all across. I see the “whatever” is still snuggled under the garage with its breathing hole open.

Someone said we don’t have much runoff this year because the dry sandy land will soak in all the melting snow, but our yard will have extra, I’m sure. Our son-in-law came with his big loader Tuesday evening, blasted through those packed drifts in our driveway, and built us a snow hill higher than our garage, to the west of it. Now we have our own toboggan run! The highest drifts he cut through in our driveway were a metre deep. (Just measured. 🙂 )

Wednesday morning the power flicked off as I was working on the computer; it went off about 7:45 am and was out until 10:05. When it’s -35 or -36 you want power, heat, and water. (The electric pump won’t deliver water when the power’s off.) Bob lit the wood stove, which is a smokey old thing, but heats the living room to keep us from freezing. Though we weren’t in any danger for that short a time and the power company were on the ball with getting it fixed again.

The temp yesterday, Thursday, was -38C with a wind chill of -50. Schools have been closed all week. It’s been sunny, though, so we’re not dreary sitting indoors. Good skating weather for hardy souls, I suppose. And today we’re glad the thermometer has climbed to a high of -23C, so a warmer day but still on the chilly side.

Our little Tuffy made a trip to the vet today, to have some of his male aggressiveness removed. Sadly, it’s necessary to neuter even such an attractive cat, who’d give such lovely kittens, but it must be done if we want to have him in the house and peaceful. He’s got a plastic cone around his head now to keep him from licking his incision; he’s not very happy about it, but making the best of the situation with his electronic toy mouse to amuse him.

I haven’t posted much this week, wanting to share brilliant, inspiring thoughts, but not knowing how to start. I’d like to organize and condense the ideas generated from reading several articles earlier last weekend. I prefer to write upbeat things, but my heart has been heavy as I’ve read about the different Christian and political perspectives in the US. I think a lot of people, even internationally, are bewildered and/or fearful where this is all heading.

We have a “Made in USA” calendar that tells me it’s Abraham Lincoln’s birthday today. I guess he could tell us a few things about political discord. The US has survived a lot already, but when I hear about extreme elements, radically right and radically left, fired up and ready to ignite a civil war at the neighbours’, I am troubled.

Mainly I wish with all my heart that the Gospel according to Jesus Christ could be shared in its purity. I’m sure our Father in Heaven grieves over the multiplicity of confusing, contradicting, and all supposedly Christian, theologies people have come up with. I think we’re all agreed on that — but who’s ready to toss out all the embellishments and dig right down to the foundation laid by Jesus and the apostles?

Something for a future post. Keep safe and warm everyone.

15 thoughts on “Another Wintry Tale

    1. He just doesn’t understand that licking something sore will make it sorer. 😉
      I can’t recall were I got this toy mouse, but it’s realistic and has an electronic rattle in its tum. Batting it around delights him and yesterday it distracted him awhile. Took him a couple of hours to wriggle himself out of that plastic cone, then we left him free and hope for the best.
      Thanks for reading and leaving your comment.

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      1. Funny, neither of ours is much into toys, One of them uses just a scratching post but the other doesn’t bother. They both go mad for catnip but she rolls around in it and gets generally frisky, he just eats it!

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  1. It’s been cold here, for us, but nothing compared to what you’re experiencing. It does remind me of central Minnesota, though, and I can’t say I miss it!

    I totally agree with you concerning the unrest here in America. We need a true, Holy Spirit-inspired revival. Without it, I fear we’ll descend quickly into utter chaos. Please pray for us. So much anger, hatred, and spite. It makes my stomach hurt.

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    1. We listened to a young men’s prep class program last night from SD and the speaker commented that it was -25 F. I guess that is chilly for South Dakota, whereas we’d find -13 C almost balmy after our –36 this morning. 😉

      I suppose evangelicals think fondly of sweeping revivals like those of Jonathan Edwards and Billy Sunday. However, there are so many and such diverse religions in North America now that I would be happy if we could all at least get along for the good of our nations.

      To me it seems your issues down there are more political: R vs L; democratic vs socialist and the rift has probably been growing for years. Sadly, the wedge is possibly being driven deeper by “unidentified agents” hoping to destabilize the US. Animosity against one another is just playing their game.

      I really pray for fellow believers in such an uncertain time, pilgrims and strangers in this world. Of course we are concerned and have opinions, but it would be in keeping with Jesus’ example if Christians would distance themselves from extremists of all shades. Especially when said extremists are expressing wild and violent statements, waving AK-47s and calling for a war on political opponents. Jesus doesn’t belong there. “Let your moderation be known to all men.”

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    1. Don’t let your old friends in ND hear about this electric mattress warmer wimp-out! I suppose all those beautiful southern flowers are looking a bit blue, too?
      Yesterday I was reading Biff’s post about freezing temps in Houston, TX. We’ve also been seeing news of all the ice-related traffic accidents down there. No snow tires. 😉
      If you’re interested, here’s his post:


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