Beat It If You Can But Don’t Knock It

Some folks spend their days
sitting on a bench feeding the pigeons.
Don’t knock it.
You don’t know where they’ve been,
what all they’ve done, how many miles
they’ve walked to get to that bench.

But you do know what YOU can do.
Do the best you’re capable of doing;
in the end it’s the only way
you’ll be able to live with yourself.
Learn ambition, but learn compassion, too.
Both important things in this old world.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: BENCH

12 thoughts on “Beat It If You Can But Don’t Knock It

    1. I’ve seen both sides of this one. We needn’t judge, but it’s best to be prudent. Sit and listen, but bear in mind that few people are really upfront honest and some people enjoy nothing better than stringing you along.
      Years back my Mom V went to my sister’s boyfriend one day and begged for some money because she had nothing to eat in the house — which was quite likely true. He gave her $10 and she bought a case of beer.
      On the other hand, she didn’t have the smarts to ever hold a job. Also, her friends at the bar were dear to her. Some folks just live in a different world with a different value system. As I tried to bring out in my writing, we can’t tell where a person’s at just by looking at them. If I’d been bashed over the head as often as my Mom was, as a kid, God only knows where I’d have ended up. But for all that I gave her food, never money.

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