Saying Adieu to a Prince

My husband, after reading the news online this morning, informed me that Prince Philip has passed away. I can’t let this special and sad occasion go without offering comment and condolences to the people of Great Britain on the loss of a great statesman, a talented diplomat, and a truly regal gentleman. Plus a loyal, discreet husband and beloved father.

The Queen has referred to him as “my constant strength.” When I think of all the ups and downs the Royal family has been through in the years I’ve been old enough to know much, she has definitely needed such a pillar to lean on. Internationally he seems to have always been quiet, sturdy, tactful, an example of the “old school.” A Royal carrying out his duties to the best of his ability without spilling his feelings and complaints all over the media.

We bid you a fond adieu, sir.

Click here to read the CNBC news release.

7 thoughts on “Saying Adieu to a Prince

  1. AH yes he was a good husband in that sense though I did feel sorry for him to always be two steps behind his wife. It was a difficult adjustment for such a macho man to make but he did it with grace.

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  2. I’ve always admired Prince Philip. It takes a strong man to be willing to accept being the support, not the primary leader. My instincts tell me, though, that he was her primary counselor, advisor, support, and friend as well as her loving husband and father to their children. And while she will surely feel like half of herself has been cut off, I feel quite sure that she will maintain the dignity and grace that she has shown the world for all of her 94 years.

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