A Real Go-Getter

Have you noticed that today’s letter,

Rye Regular

leads us to many virtuous words? GRACE, GOLDEN, GENUINE, GENEROUS, GLORIOUS. And GREATEST of all is…

Rye Regular

Our children have a little table grace that goes:
“God is great and God is good
and we thank Him for our food
By His hand must all be fed.
Give us, Lord, our daily bread.”

There are those who maintain that God is a generic and not-so-reverent term; that God is referred to as JAWEH or Jehovah in the Bible. I have no problem with those names, but it’s not worth a big debate in my books, since we’d be challenged to give the exact original pronunciation. In French the word Lord is translated as L’Eternal, as in the Eternal One, which is also a beautiful term of address. I’m thinking that our Father in Heaven is more concerned that we do call on Him in reverence, rather than by what name.

Speaking of linguistics, it’s hard to know just why the letter G has gotten doubled in some words — STRAGGLE SNUGGLE, WIGGLE, GIGGLE, GOGGLE, HAGGLE, etc. — when it appears next to an L. The pronunciation isn’t affected at all, but that’s English for you.

Of course there are other not-so-great words that start with G, like GARBAGE, GHASTLY, GRIM, GRUMPY and GROUCHY, but I won’t get into those. I’ll rather go on about the Family Tree.

Rye Regular

Earliest records of the name are circa 1600 in the Shaftsbury and Wiltshire counties in England. Obviously originating before Standard Rules of SPELLING and due to the English pea-soup-fog over “OW + OUGH” , the name has morphed many times through the years. Here are some of our long-lost cousins:
Goodnow, Goodenow, Goodynow, Goodynowe
Goodno, Goodeno, Goodyno
Perhaps someone’s even been recorded as Goodnoh, Goodynoh, or Goodenoh
Goodenough, Goodnough, possibly even Goodynough

I shall end my ramble with this verse by Edgar Guest, entitled

Rye Regular
Life is but growth, at first in strength and size,
until at last is physical prime attained.
But there's a growth that's never wholly gained:
an inner struggle always to be wise,
to see things earthly with clearer eye;
braver to be when flesh is sorely pained;
a growth in spirit, constant and ingrained
which all the scars and hurts of life defy.

Bodies grow old and furrowed with the years
and show the marks of all that lies behind
but souls that have experienced much growth, kind,
and gather understanding from their tears.
Wiser in life, with tenderness they view,
as did the Master, much that mortals do.

From his book, Collected Verse of Edgar A Guest
Published 1934 by the Reilly & Lee Company

5 thoughts on “A Real Go-Getter

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, this self-imposed challenge is turning out to be fun. Don’t have inspiration for anything “deep” right now; I’ve even been hovering on the brink of taking a long break from blogging. Don’t know what ails me, spring fever, winter dropping by every few days, or plain lethargy? However, I decided this morning to do a couple of “letter” posts — and got enthused again. A reviving shot in the arm, you could say. (Where would we be without all our idioms? 😉 )

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      1. I’ve taken a short break since finishing the Gospel of John. Instead of writing new material, I’m dredging up some of my earliest posts, written before I understood how to publicize them. It’s been fun for me to read them again. Nine years is a long time ago!

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