Another Fence Down

According to Sue Mattingly’s post this morning, April has been designated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as “Distracted Driving Month.”

This is a very important message and I couldn’t help but do a few senryu-of-sorts for the cause.

as she turns a corner
her boy in the back seat barfs
new car shopping

oncoming headlights
insistent cell phone jangling
fender bender

the GPS says
turn here! brakes –
and more brakes

get a load of that
chick mowing her lawn!
another fence down

5 thoughts on “Another Fence Down

    1. Thanks for your comment. The “seed” for the first one came after seeing a mom at a gas bar last week. She had a bucket and a roll of paper towel and was cleaning the floor in her back seat while her children stood nearby. Poor lady. 🙂
      Sadly, a woman and her daughter were both killed in a roll-over on a country road near here, when she lost control while answering her cell phone. I can see why the US Highway Safety Dept wants to alert people.


    1. I can understand why you don’t. Perhaps if she’s a Christian you could remind her we’re to “obey those that have the rule over us.” (i.e. the laws.) I assume this is a law where you live, as it it here? Here if you’re caught talking on, even checking, your cell phone, it’s a $200 fine.

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