That Dreadful “But…”

The Word BUT is a hairpin turn on the mountain of life, as you’ll see in my response to Shweta’s 6-word prompt. The word we’ve been given this Saturday is LOVE.
From My Random Ramblings blog

This response could inspire many musings:

“I’d love to marry you, but…”

17 thoughts on “That Dreadful “But…”

    1. Exactly. And as Linda said, it often erases all accountability and promise for change.
      Mind you, think of folks who married, envisioning years of bliss ahead, but later wished their now-spouse had said “I’d like to, but…won’t.” 🙂
      Thanks for your comment.

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  1. I’m not a fan of “Dr. Pill” (Phil) but I will never forget when he said: The moment you use the word “but”, you are saying disregard every word that preceded it. I have to say, since that time, I do try to avoid it unless…

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