Former Co-Worker

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is BREACH

The Former Co-Worker

The etiquette rules he breached;
an odious ego he reached;
His coworkers’ fury he sparked;
his potential clients he snarked.

He finds himself now unemployed;
his co-workers all overjoyed.
He was always an energy drain;
without him kind harmony reigns

24 thoughts on “Former Co-Worker

      1. See my comment above. 😉 One October there was an early snowstorm predicted, which none of us wanted, of course. My co-worker was cheerfully telling every other customer that a terrific storm was coming and we’d have snow from now until April.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Dale. Seems a lot of people did. 🙂
      Don’t you wonder how many times this person needs to get fired before something finally clicks?
      And nowadays with everyone’s rights, etc, an employer isn’t allowed to say anything negative (read: honest) about an employee. It’s “defamation of character” to say in a reference, "He just loafed around and let others do his work," or "He argued with our customers and all his coworkers."

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      1. One young woman who worked for us briefly, took our boss to the Labour Board after the boss fired her for showing up drunk several times. Later I learned that she’d taken several other employers to the Labour Board, too, for firing her on the spot, and got payouts. You can’t fire an employee on the spot. They must be given a verbal and a written notice first. and it must be specified when they’re hired everything that won’t be tolerated (like showing up drunk.) The laws are really set up for the employees now; employers have to be on their toes.

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      2. Yes. You do have to go through the steps. It protects everyone. She was smarter than all her employers. Doesn’t make her a good person, mind.

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  1. There is always one of those in every workplace. It amazes me when bosses don’t see that one person as a problem. I guess maybe sometimes they do and they have to turn a blind eye because they need the employee. I often wonder though why I sometimes haven’t been able to catch a break when it looks so easy for the “jerk”…lol

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    1. There’s an old saying: “It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.” Sometimes the boss tries to keep things running smooth and minimize complaints by appeasing the squeaker.
      Bosses, or managers, don’t always have a choice; some are more easy-going, or avoid confrontations. In a union setting it can be a matter of seniority. Or the boss may feel, “If I fire everybody that has some issues, who will I have left?” Often the one who causes problems is the one you can count on to show up faithfully, on time, every day.
      Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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