Up, Off, and Back Again

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is the simple word OFF.

My first thought was of the way we English speakers use prepositions to add new meaning to verbs. So this little sort-of-tale will be my response to this prompt.

Blow up
Tell off
Tear up
Stomp off
Sober up
Cool down
Think through
Grieve for
‘Fess up
Make up
Work out
Carry on

My dear hubby told me yesterday that he’s having trouble adding an image to his post, so I’ll give it a try. (No problems here.) We’re finding that Word Press has been throwing some wrenches in our gears lately. How about you?

This photo comes from Pixabay, submitted by Steve Buissinne. The words are my adaptation of an old quote.

5 thoughts on “Up, Off, and Back Again

    1. I have found that it’s about impossible to pick a color now. It wants too give me the default and when I choose something else, it won’t let me make the choice. I have to remember the number and type that in.


      1. It seems that now all my sites show up and I must select this one every single time to get into it. And I wasted over half an hour trying to install a Goodreads widget. The widget was no problem, but it refused to show the books I’m reading or have read. Instead a book showed up that I’ve never read and I can’t find any way to delete or replace that. So I removed the widget altogether. Sigh

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