Afternoon Storm

A wild electrical storm came up at 1 pm this afternoon, just as I was leaving work. Soon after I got home the system settled right above us for about fifteen minutes. Fierce winds and lightning flashes all around, but the ones right over our heads were worrisome. However, we got at least 3 cm of much-needed rain, so we’re thankful. (Our neighbour’s rain gauge showed 1 1/2″ when all was said and done. Nice! ) A friend who lives +/- 40 km north of us got not a drop.

Now here’s a quickly composed verse about the event:

In constant waves the pouring rain
sweeps over the field, the road;
the tree tops thrashed by the onslaught,
spring back, to be bullied down again.
The overshadowing turbulence
hurls jagged streaks our way,
followed closely – so closely! –
by the cannon roars of thunder.
With each boom we shudder, praying
neither we nor the trees will be zapped,
sizzled or uprooted by the ferocity
clamoring above our heads.
We cringe, yet count this not
the malevolence of a foe;
rather we rejoice in the storm
and bless the sheets of driven rain
bringing life to this thirsty land.
Image by Terry McGraw at Pixabay

11 thoughts on “Afternoon Storm

    1. We’re very glad, too. Nice bright day after the rain. I don’t think fires would have gotten far the way the rain was coming down! It was almost like a snow storm. Here’s wishing you folks a nice little deluge. 🙂

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    1. Thunder and lightning in the East is much more dramatic than the storms we get here in Sask. Out here we don’t get those deep reverberating booms that shake the whole house, like the ones we heard when we lived in Ontario. Were you folks needing rain?

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      1. Well, we weren’t in a drought, but Terry did mention that he wasn’t going to cut the grass again until after we got some rain because it turns brown. So the rain was timely 🙂

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