A Day To Lollygag

Here’s my response to today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is LOLLYGAG

by Edgar A Guest

A feller isn’t thinkin’ mean
out fishin’;
His thoughts are mostly good and clean
out fishin’.
He doesn’t knock his fellow men
or harbor any grudges then;
a feller’s at his finest when
out fishin’.
The rich are comrades to the poor
out fishin’;
all brothers of a common lure,
out fishin’.
the urchin with the pin and string
can chum with millionare and king;
vain pride is a forgotten thing
out fishin’.
A feller gets a chance to dream
out fishin’;
he learns the beauties of a stream
out fishin’;
And he can wash his soul in air
that isn’t foul with selfish care,
and relish plain and simple fare,
out fishin’.
A feller has no time for hate
out fishin’;
he isn’t eager to be great
out fishin’.
He isn’t thinkin’ thoughts of pelf,
of goods stacked high upon a shelf,
but he is always just himself
out fishin’.
A feller’s glad to be a friend
out fishin;
a helping hand he’ll gladly lend
out fishin’.
The brotherhood of rod and line
and sky and stream is always fine;
men come real close to God’s design
out fishin’.
A feller isn’t plotting schemes
out fishin’
he’s only busy with his dreams
out fishin;
His livery is a coat of tan,
his creed: to do the best he can.
A feller’s always mostly man
out fishin’.
Image by S Hermann and F Richter — Pixabay

7 thoughts on “A Day To Lollygag

  1. I love this, Crhristine.
    I was wondering why you were no longer in my inbox. I don’t understand… I am still following you but getting no notifications. Dang WP gremlins at it again. I’ve gotta go do some investigatin’

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment. I must confess: the most probable reason you’re not getting notifications from me is because I haven’t been posting anything. 🙂 The last few months I’ve just plain lost interest, with summer activities and my new painting hobby to take my time.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL! Well, you DID post on the fifth and the first and I had nothing…
        And I don’t blame you. I’ve stepped back big time. I’m tired of these challenges that require me to comment on a bazillion other posts. Now, if I do, I don’t even link up. I don’t care if the other participants read me or not.


      2. I know what you mean. A person can spend half a day just reading responses from others posting about the prompt, because you feel you should just to be fair. Or the word gives no inspiration.
        Another blip for me is that I’ve somehow zapped my main Google e-mail account (in changing a password) so can’t just sit down at my computer anymore to read incoming e-mails. I tried changing the Google address to which WordPress sends my e-mail notifications (to my old g-mail add.) but no dice. Thankfully my laptop G-mails both still work.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That is strange. When I lost my email address (after over 30 years) when I changed internet providers, I was able to change my WP account. Of course, it came with lots of headaches because I was not able to retrieve all the places that use that said email. Of course, zappig your own is along the same road… Yowza.


      4. Well it is strange. I made the password change inadvertently while trying to log into Good reads (?) on my laptop. And it was no problem to go into the g-mail account on my laptop, type in the new password, and I was good to go. However when I tried do the same with my G-mail account on the PC, it says, “Not connected to service.” So my old G-mail account still comes through but the new one won’t. And, since I once used the old g-mail at WordPress, they now say, “This address is already in use,” and won’t let ME use it! Sigh.

        Liked by 1 person

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