Cryptic Words

My Mom always said, ‘What you don’t have in your head, you have in your feet.’

These cryptic words were spoken by a co-worker one day. Perhaps you’ll catch her thought better if I mention that she was training me to be a housekeeper at a seniors’ home, and we needed to take along some sheets because we were going to make several beds. As we were passing the laundry area she said, “Let’s grab those sheets while we’re right here, or we’ll need to make a trip back for them later.” Then she added the statement above.

It may be clearer to say, “Think and plan ahead or you’ll be making a lot more trips,” but I like her mom’s succinct way of expressing this advice.”

Image by Daniel Reche — Pixabay

The Ragtag Daily Prompt word for today was CRYPTIC

7 thoughts on “Cryptic Words

    1. The old folks knew the context so just a few words got the message across. Like saying, “The best laid plans…” when something doesn’t work out like it should have. There will likely come a time when “Been there, done that,” will make no sense to a future generation. 🙂
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  1. That’s a great cryptic expression!
    My sister’s friend used to say to her daughter “Tu vas payer le voyage” or “You will pay for the trip” (if Mom had to go show her something was where she said it was…

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