Autumn Splendour

The Ragtag Prompt word for today is SPLENDOUR, and it’s very fitting for the season we’re in.

Folks who’ve lived in this area for years say they’ve never seen the poplar trees clothed in such golden beauty. Maybe it’s because this fall the frosts have been quite minor so far, nippy mornings at times, but no real “killing frosts.” The leaves are ripening to a richer gold than usual and staying on the trees longer than they usually do? We have a row of young poplars along the west side of our driveway and they’re just stunning in the afternoon sun.

This is a beech tree, but you get the idea. 🙂 Photo by Hans Braxmeier at Pixabay

The robins that disappeared in August are back again and staying around until a deeper chill tells them to go. I’ve only seen a few small flocks of sandhill cranes and one large flock of snow geese came through a couple of weeks ago. Owing to the lack of serious frost I still have some hardier annuals like verbena blooming in my planters — that I need to deal with before the snow flies. If it flies. As dry as it’s been this year, I’m beginning to wonder how much we’ll see.

Sadly, another forest fire is raging and the air currents have brought the smoke down our way today. There’s a grey haze over the land that ressembles a fog lying over the countryside. Not pleasant to breathe!

I’ve mentioned before that I get e-mails from Marla the FlyLady, advising me what I should be cleaning this week. Her monthly projects for October is PAPER CLUTTER. Go through and file or get rid of all those loose papers lying around. So I’ll likely be posting some of my random scribbles as one way of filing them. 🙂

And here’s a sprinkle of sage recently rediscovered:

Image from Oberholtzer Venita at Pixabay

9 thoughts on “Autumn Splendour

  1. So is Marla the new Martha (Stewart)? She used to have in her magazine a monthly calendar with what to do/clean/etc. I haven’t seen a Martha Stewart magazine in ages – does it still exist?

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    1. I don’t know about Martha Stewart, maybe she’s retired? But Marla Crilley sends out an e-mail every day telling you specifically what to clean that day, as well as a weekly target. It’s a great plan, one I should follow, but I tend to be, uh… A free thinker? Too un-harness-able? A loafer? I take the gist, but usually leave the exact details undone, so never get very far. 🙂

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      1. I dunno. Maybe she’s having too much fun with Snoop Dog on TV 😉
        I could never follow this type of thing. I am way too much a lazy-ass loafer 😉

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      2. Snoop Dog is a rapper who is now in cahoots with Martha Stewart – a weirder couple you cannot imagine. It’s hilarious. Jeez… No TV since the 70’s. I hope you were good with Bob’s decision…

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