October Passes

Hello Everyone. I suppose in many parts of the world, the month of October has passed into history, while we have only five hours left in this month. But I didn’t want to see it disappear without sending a note to those of you who are still following my blog.

As I said, for many of you November has started, and with it NaNoWriMo. I wonder how many of you are participating in the National November Writing Month this time around?

No NaNoWriMo for me this year. Rather, I’ve been painting landscape scenes. We’re having a little Luncheon and Craft Sale at the seniors’ residence where I cook part time and I’m planning to get a table there to sell some of my amateur paintings. Each vendor will look after selling their own stuff, whatever handmade crafts or baking they may do. This will take place one day toward the end of November, so I still have a few weeks to paint up a storm — and some calm seas, some mountain valleys, a few prairie scenes, the odd bird.

Other than that, life is going on as usual for us. The chillier weather has come; last weekend the ground was wet three times from passing cloud sprinkles. (Can’t really say bursts.) We’ll welcome whatever comes, and the frost in the mornings has helped to settle the road dust.

We celebrated our daughter’s 50th birthday on Thursday, then I invited the family here for dinner today and we celebrated again. Fifty is quite the milestone on the highway of life!

Now I shall leave you with this quote — and try to think of next month in this light. 🙂

9 thoughts on “October Passes

  1. That’s a very lovely small poem. I like November, and felt it this afternoon as I was walking Bear. For me — and the farmers, I guess — everything is done. The cattle are back from the high country. All the crops are in. I’m going to be hanging some paintings in the holiday show at the local museum which has taken some preparation and that’s done. This is the beginning of the time of year I like most. ❤

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  2. November, time to see if I can still get into my winter clothes! Where does time go?

    I’ve had a couple of kids’ milestone birthdays recently, and another of my grandkids has started university.

    Well said, Arnold Bennet!

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  3. What a lovely quote. And also lovely to be able to sell your wares 🙂
    Sad to see October go. November is one of those months that is fine until it’s not. When all the leaves are gone and there is yet snow to brighten things up 🙂

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