Death to Black Friday!

My last post is titled, “Does anyone believe in war?” Two weeks later I’m ready to beat the war drums. I’m ready to declare war — and not just on Black Friday itself, but on EARLY Black Friday, PRE-Black Friday, ADVANCE Black Friday, SNEAK PEEK at Black Friday, COUNTDOWN to Black Friday, PRECURSOR to Black Friday, Black Friday PREMIERE, PRECOCIOUS Black Friday, and whatever other variations pop up before the actual day.

One company I know of has been advertising their PRE-BLACK FRIDAY SALE for two weeks already! And this is Canada, where we don’t even DO “Black Friday.” Our American neighbors must be absolutely bombarded.

Enough griping. 😉 While we aren’t having any Black Friday nonsense, we are having a craft sale at the nearby seniors’ residence and I’ve been painting up a storm in preparation. Here’s a SNEAK PEEK at one of my offerings: