Brushes, Candles & Drugs

Hello Everyone! I wonder what sort of a day you’re having?

So far this day has brought me a mixture of relief, celebration and sorrow. I’m relieved and relaxed because our Craft Sale is over. On Friday I was at my table at the Villa from 10am-5pm setting up, chatting with other vendors and customers, and selling a few of my pictures. I didn’t sell a lot, but then mine weren’t Christmas-themed like most of the items for sale. I should do some snow scenes to fit the season.

I’m putting my brushes away for a few days, but am happy in retrospect to have done the work even though I didn’t sell many paintings. Every bit of painting works toward improving. Also, I photocopied a dozen with the thought of sometime making note cards. And here’s one:

I did add more sky colors to the water on the left before I varnished it.
I have much to learn about reflections.

Re: the candles mentioned in my title. Today is our grandson’s 11th birthday, so there’ll be cake and candles and presents for him this evening.

Sad to say, a few tears have dampened the joy when I got the news that my sister Donna was found dead this morning. She turned sixty-six two days ago.

When we got home from church there was a message on our phone from my sister Wilma, saying she had to talk to me. Wilma has been living in Alberta for years; she and I have chatted a few times a year since our sister Rose died. So I knew this call was serious and suspected a death or accident — never dreamed it would be Donna, though. But then, I haven’t had contact with Donna for ages and had no idea she’s been a heavy drug user for years. The drug paraphernalia found with her indicates she likely died of an overdose.

I’m very sad about this. When we were younger I was close to Donna and have always cared very much for her in spite of our lack of contact. At our sister Rose’s funeral three years back Donna gave me a big hug and then disappeared, didn’t stay to talk with anyone. I knew her life wasn’t at all stable, but thought alcohol was the main issue. Her youngest son is apparently also heavy into drugs and is currently doing time at the correctional centre. So the authorities had no trouble locating him when his mom was found dead. An autopsy is pending.

Her oldest son is working in northern Alberta and can’t be contacted, so all the planning is falling on son #2, the one who has his head together. I talked with him this afternoon and we both grieved over his mom and their messed up home.

18 thoughts on “Brushes, Candles & Drugs

      1. Sometimes the changes are difficult or happen slowly or we don’t notice them until they’re finished and we’re someone else, in a way. In the situation of my brother, his death meant — for me — the death of my hope that he would someday be OK. That was the hardest part. At one point God (I’m sure) alerted me to the fact that my brother’s life was my brother’s to live, not mine, and I let go of the hope, but it was a while after my brother died. Then I was OK. ❤

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      2. That’s very much the way I feel now: the death of my hopes that someday things would change…or we’d at least see each other more. But it’s a shock to find she was an inveterate user. Her second son said he’d got her into rehab for awhile, but as soon as she was out, she was using again.


      3. Rehab is for people who don’t need their son or the court to send them there. It is a horrible shock to discover the extent of the addiction. I see addiction as demonic possession. A good friend (RIP in a car accident) who was a heroin addict for a long time agreed with that. When the demon takes over, the addict is lost. I’m more sorry than I even have words for, Chrstine.

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  1. Hello Christine
    Your painting is wonderful
    And I am very much enjoying your “Silver Morning Song”
    You truly have creative gifts, dear
    Warm greetings from
    Rhonda in Montréal

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