A Walk in the Park

It’s time for an ATCUS at my house again. (Total Clean-Up of Spare BR–which doubles as my craft & sewing room.) Think “Clutter HQ”. So I’ve set my art aside for a few weeks. But here’s one of the paintings I did last month and photocopied, thinking of the possibility of future note cards.

12 thoughts on “A Walk in the Park

      1. Hahah- walked right out of the room huh?
        Well I have three huge donate bags at the front door that we keep walking by – partly because the place I prefer to drop it off at is only open 10 to 1 for donations / very limited window –
        But all that time cleaning out a closet to have the bags still there is a little like – blah! It my goal is to drop it off by Friday
        And best wishes as you make it to the HQ

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  1. And I have to take care of my basement – which has become basically one big over-stuffed “spare” room… ugh. It’s going to take a Herculean effort, tell you what.

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