Comfy Cat

Good morning everyone. It’s going to be a nice day here, with an unseasonably mild high of -9 C –16 F– if the forecast is right. And this is our FIRST DAY of the solar year, you might say: we had our shortest day yesterday so we can look forward to a few more minutes of daylight every day.

I seem to have a set amount of sleep time in my old age: more-or-less five hours. I went to bed early last night — about 11:30, that is — and woke up at 4:10 this morning. With a bit of a headache, so I decided to get up and feed the cats, have a cup of coffee, check the Ragtag Daily Prompt. Now I’m going through my Word Perfect Docs file and decided to post a few previously unpublished verses.

Here’s something that happens regularly at this office:

cat sprawls out
in the warm desk chair
writer’s coffee break

And if we want our chair back, we’ve found it’s most effective if we rustle the bag of cat treats.

City Snow Globe

The Ragtag Daily Prompt word this morning is SCINTILLATE. This word calls to mind lovely, twinkly things like the glitter in a snow globe. However, this morning my thoughts are on another side of those snowy winter scenes.

The Snow Globe

The old man shelters
under layers of newspaper,
wishes for a less drafty spot
as heaven’s snow globe
turns upside down.

Scintillating lights
and bouncy night tunes
flash through his alley
but the emanating warmth
drifts some other way.