City Snow Globe

The Ragtag Daily Prompt word this morning is SCINTILLATE. This word calls to mind lovely, twinkly things like the glitter in a snow globe. However, this morning my thoughts are on another side of those snowy winter scenes.

The Snow Globe

The old man shelters
under layers of newspaper,
wishes for a less drafty spot
as heaven’s snow globe
turns upside down.

Scintillating lights
and bouncy night tunes
flash through his alley
but the emanating warmth
drifts some other way.

10 thoughts on “City Snow Globe

    1. Thank you. Yes, it’s cold and brutal. And sad. Sometimes people should get help; sometimes they won’t accept the stipulations.
      At the beginning of the month a friend + her family paid for a month’s rent at a cheap motel for her homeless, meth-addicted sister. Initially the sister was so thankful to be in a warm, safe place — but then homeless friends came around. “We’re cold. Take us in.”
      The management warned her: “Only you here — not a bunch of others. And no drugs! ” My friend was blunt with her sister: “If you don’t obey the rules, they’ll kick you out.” After about a week the management did evict her because she kept letting others crash there — and they were probably using. Now she’s homeless in temps that will soon plummet.
      What can you say? Practical solutions — like forcible confinement in a safe setting — would meet with resistance about violating her human rights.

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      1. It is my understanding that some homeless people won’t look for help because they are so afraid of losing their independence and freedom to come and go as they please.

        We owned a small “mom and pop” motel in central Minnesota for three years. I can tell you that the person I really feel sorry for is the one who had to clean out that room after everyone had left it. Ugh.

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      2. Thanks for your comment, and you’re right. Some people are homeless for that reason.
        As I replied to Ron above, there are so many reasons…
        My mom was evicted from different rentals because she either bought beer for herself and or her friends or lent to anyone who asked, in lieu of paying her rent. The Dept of Social Services finally got wise and paid her rent out of her check before she got it, so she stayed at one address after that. Her phone was regularly cut off for the same reason.
        My sister Donna was basically homeless, staying with “birds of a feather” because of her drug habit. No money for anything else. Her son says he quit buying her groceries because if he did, her grocery money went on drugs.
        I’ve met people who were so afraid of other people (paranoia) that they’d rather live on the street than in a group home or shelter with others. Some run away from abusive situations, some are too violent themselves and get kicked out of shelters. Some just crash financially because of medical bills or whatever, and have no safety net or family to take them in. Those folks I truly feel sorry for.

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      3. Me, too. And from what I hear, there is a lot of theft in the shelters, as well as sexual abuse and so on. When the shelters are ill-equipped and understaffed, they’re not very safe places to be.

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  1. This is so tough to read because it is the reality for far too many. I read about the little igloos that were handed out but there will never be enough, will there?
    Nicely written, Christine

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    1. Thank you. It would be very kind and generous to offer to take in a homeless person during the worst of winter, but most of us are afraid to.
      As to igloos or other tossed-together shelters: most businesses don’t want the homeless camping around their property. Or in parks where children may pick up used needles. My heart aches for folks out in a cold stormy night like this, and I wish there were an effective solution.

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