Season’s Greetings

It’s still Christmas Eve here where we live, so a good time to send warmest wishes to my friends, readers, and fellow bloggers all around the world.

I hope that those of you who are gathering with family have a great day, and those of you who –like us– intend to spend the day by yourselves, I wish you pleasant hours doing something you really enjoy. Plus some time for reflecting on the meaning of Christmas, good times you’ve had in the past, and your dreams for the future.

I expect my time will be divided between a bit of housework, reading, and working on a long-put-off sewing project. I’m in the process of piecing a blanket top from left-over fabrics. Since it’s supposed to be about -22 C I will leave outdoor activities for a milder day, but will trudge out a time or two to feed the sparrows that gather on our hedge and peer in hopefully.

We had a fresh snowfall yesterday, which will give us a lovely white Christmas Day, but it makes foraging difficult for the birds. People who read my blogs have said “You’ve got -30 C! (Our predicted low tomorrow night.) How is it everything isn’t frozen solid there?” But the sparrows — tiny, flimsy things, with bare feet even! — survive temps of -50. I suppose a scientist can explain it, but I just marvel.

13 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings

    1. Thank you. Not so traditional here, but I’ve ordered myself a nice present from Amazon: a set of paint brushes. 🙂 And Bob is forever buying himself another book.

      My sympathies for your lack of snow. We got a bit more in the night so our outdoors looks so clean now. I went out and swept the skiff of snow off the decks first thing so our cats could venture out. “Skiff” is an interesting word — I wonder if anyone’s ever used it as a prompt word?

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    1. Thank you. I wish you and yours the same. We had a bit more welcome white stuff overnight, so a nice clean world. Since our children are gathering with “the other side” today we can stay home and not disturb the driveway with tire tracks. 😉

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    1. Bob’s been keeping track of the new cases and restrictions, plus I was hearing today on the TV in the doctor’s office, about the latest situation in Quebec. Sorry to hear that you have such woes with this new wave of virus.

      We actually haven’t gotten together with our children yet; they’ve been busy with visiting siblings on the other side. We’ve set next Sunday as the day.we get together. So we had a peaceful day loafing at home and I was quite happy with that. 🙂


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