Papier Maché

Ragtag Daily Prompt: CLEAN SLATE

Gives two housekeeping haiku::

New Year's Eve
shredding all my To-Do lists
a clean slate

January 1
I delete last year's e-books
short attention span

5 thoughts on “Papier Maché

    1. There probably will be, but life feels like hard slogging right now. I’m putting off making To-Do lists.
      I’d never delete all my e-books, but I have a bad habit of downloading freebies (like Kindle Unlimited) that sound interesting at the moment, but time goes by and when I open one and start reading, I’ve completely forgotten why I picked this. My OCD, I guess.

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      1. I’ve never been a “To-Do” Lister.
        No, but the ones you have read? Or realise you never will? (says one who has yet to delete the ones she read… ) I figure when there is no room, I’ll have no choice. Mind you, it’s silly for me to keep them. I am not a re-reader…

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      2. Oh, I definitely am a re-reader. I’ve actually read some books three times in the past ten years. Very comforting to visit “the old gang.” 🙂
        Also comes from having a poor memory, I think. Right or wrong, I blame my missing brain cells on the chemo I had about six years back.

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      3. No, I think there are those who take much pleasure in re-reading. I don’t say I wouldn’t. I think there are one or two that I have read twice. But it’s not something that draws me as there are just so many to read! Doesn’t mean I don’t lose them… memory-wise 😉

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