The Elusive Wren

The Ragtag Daily Prompt today was STALK


I stalk him in the lilacs
and round the poplar tree,
that elusive little wren
who sings so cheerfully.

House sparrows, on the other hand,
I toss them out some seed
and they're my friends forever.
They greet me eagerly.

The little wren is patient;
he waits the morn's first light
to harvest on my doorstep
the insects fried last night.

Many’s the time I’ve tried to get a look at the wrens in our yard and only saw a fluttering and movement in the leaves. But first thing in the morning, sure enough, here’s the wren cleaning off our deck, feasting on bugs that got too close to our porch light.

Image by Naturelady from Pixabay.

12 thoughts on “The Elusive Wren

  1. I love the little poem! It’s really charming. I have sparrows all over and I just give them water. Sometimes I realize they go off on long jaunts because of the feathers that show up in their nests. Wild turkey, red-tail hawk, great-horned owl. They really amaze me.

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    1. Glad you liked it. As I’ve mentioned, I gave my birds water all last summer — even though these English sparrows are terrible pests. You’re likely dealing with native sparrows there, or have the invaders reached you, too?
      Wrens also gather all kinds of feathers in their messy nests. I see there are little desert wrens that make their home in cactuses.

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  2. Neat! My parents long for the days when their little wrens return to make a nest for their little ones. One of their favourite birds to catch a glimpse of for sure. Great poem, Christine.

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