Dumb Crooks Unlimited

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is CHA-CHING

Even Mr Webster with his zillion words couldn’t help me out with this one. CHA CHA is all I got from M-W and Lexico. So I’m going to guess that “cha-ching” is the noise a cash register makes opening and closing.

One night Theresa was working at Robin’s Donuts. Her job is normally to decorate the doughnuts, but also serve whoever comes in between 11pm and 6 am. Not usually a huge crowd.

This was a new store and we had a nice new computerized cash register, which was comprised f two parts. There was the computer keyboard that sat on the counter and had all the basic selections listed: coffees small, med + large, cappuccino, ice capp, milk, donut, 6 donuts, dozen, pop, sands, etc. The cash drawer nestled in its own slot under the counter, connected to the computer by wires. Hit ENTER and bingo — or CHA-CHING — the drawer popped open.

You get the picture. Well, some wanna-be thief came in at some indecently early hour that morning and ordered coffee. Theresa took his money and rang in the sale. When the till went CHA-CHING, he grabbed it and ran out, tearing off all the wires in his haste to be elsewhere

The police caught him red-handed not long after, walking down the street with our keyboard under his arm. No doubt headed someplace where he could open it and hear that delightful CHA-CHING as the loot spilled out.

Alas! The only sound he heard that morning was the click of handcuffs.

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