Snapshots of Today

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is ABUNDANCE

Well, we have an abundance of snow, with more coming this evening. We may soon have an abundance of ice. We do have an abundance of fluctuation these days.

Yesterday morning the thermometer read -30 C. At 7:30 am this morning it read 1 C. Plus 1, that is. We had Sewing Day at church yesterday and one lady asked if an abrupt change in temp had any noticeable effect on a person’s body. Another woman replied that when the temp changes so drastically, she gets a headache. She’ll need a Tylenol today for sure.

The topic of designer fashions came up, and the question, “Does anyone actually ever wear the designer fashions you see on European runways?” Maybe, but I’m inclined to think fashion designers make their mark with the very edgy, then can put their name on more practical clothing and it sells because of the name. Or what do you think?

I had cause this morning to think about avant-garde trends and looked the term up in the dictionary, which led me to the word intelligentsia, because they are considered avante-garde. Merriam-Webster defines the avant-garde as “Intelligentsia that develops new or experimental concepts especially in the arts.” INTELLIGENTSIA are “Intellectuals who form an artistic, social, or political vanguard or elite.” The trouble is, be it fashion, political, social or artistic, TRENDY tends to walk so close to the edge of SILLY that it often slips over. 😉

Here’s my haiku on the subject:
cutting edge
the farthest
out to lunch

This morning I was reading some haiku verses and found them disappointingly avant-garde. In my opinion. I’m not a connoisseur, not really a fan of, “The verse can mean whatever you wish it to mean.” Then I checked out another online haiku journal and found quite a few verses that, though brief, are clear and make sense.

kudzu vine loving fiercely
can make perfect sense to you if you know how kudzu vines entwine around a tree and often smother their host. Would you call this a terse verse? Or a verse of any kind?

I’ve gotten the urge to work on my manuscript again and feel like I need to nail terse, one current trend in writing, so I was up late last night reading James Patterson. That writer and his ghosts have terse to a science. Not my genre at all, but I borrowed a couple of his books, one about the Kennedy clan, from my online library and read a bit from each. Here’s hoping the style will rub off.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on trends, avant-garde, micro-poetry, and terse stories. Please share them in a comment below.

4 thoughts on “Snapshots of Today

  1. The runway models are all anorexic and tall. The weird designs look good on them because they have no curves, just bones. Besides which, they’ve been taught to walk pelvis forward, and with one foot directly in front of the other. I’m surprised there aren’t more slip-and-fall accidents, on those incredibly high heels.

    All that to say, avant-garde design is not for people like me. Short, round, and no spike heels. The only reason I look at clips of those shows is for the entertainment 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your comments. There’s the socially avant-garde, too, which I think impacts our own lives more than fashion. The no-fault “whatever feels good at the moment” thinking that ultimately leads people into emotional quagmires.

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    1. And ultimately they go around in circles — at least when it comes to fashion. Platform shoes, for example. 🙂
      Not sure if they’d be called avant-garde, but I do admire forward-thinking people who invent things that are practical, useful, make life safer. Cell phones, seat belts in vehicles, terse stories. And the first woman to throw away her corset and say, “No more of this!” deserves a monument, IMO. 😉

      In general you’re right about making life more colourful — except now the decorating trends are very drab. Walls painted in browns and mid-grays. Depressing! I’ll be glad when that changes again because I like colour. Thanks for your thoughts.


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