Soggy Foggy Day

The Ragtag Daily Prompt for today is COAT

Soggy foggy morning,
wrap your coat the tighter,
step into the morning mist
as a valiant fighter.

Drizzle dripping earthward
from the pewter sky
trickles down shop windowpanes
warps the merchandise.

Cruddy muddy streets
traffics muted swishing;
huddled sparrows perched on branch
for the sunshine wishing.

Image from Pixabay

11 thoughts on “Soggy Foggy Day

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂
      Yes, we needed to do more than wrap our coats around us yesterday; we needed to find or way to a friend’s home in Delisle in the fierce blizzard! I needed to get out and direct hubby backing up so he’d stay on the road.
      We were brave to head into the city – but didn’t make it home. Our friends didn’t make it home, either; they were storm-stayed in the Saskatoon, along with many others, but they gave us the code so we could stay night at their place. Our daughter was stranded at Rosetown overnight. All highways here were closed due to the storm; our road south was a total white-out!

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      1. I’m glad you found somewhere safe to stay. Yes, I’ve never seen the highway map so red! All roads in and out of Swift were closed. Many communities opened up their halls and volunteers brought food for stranded drivers. It’s good how people pull together in times like these!

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    1. Thanks for your comment. I think it’s good to reblog some older posts, especially from 5-6 years back, as there are always new readers that haven’t seen this one. At least not many people will go into archives to read years-old posts.

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