The Busker’s Flute

The Ragtag Daily Prompt for today is FLUTE


pulling in passers-by,
compelling them to pause,
to tap a toe,
the buoyant notes
of the busker's flute
by the ring of coins
buying the flutist
his accounting degree

Someone once told me about a young busker who paid his way through university with his earnings as a street musician. 🙂

10 thoughts on “The Busker’s Flute

      1. Maybe he was just that good or had that lucrative a spot, but many people through the years have worked their way through university. His was perhaps a more novel profession than delivering pizzas. A cousin told me about uni girls earning money as gentlemen’s escorts, but that could get rather iffy.

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    1. I suspect many solo players did, while bands started with short gigs in bars. It’s the way to get lots of practice, try new tunes & styles, and get quick feedback. 🙂

      I wonder if those Peruvian Indians who frequently played down at the Old Port ever got famous?

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