Pay As You Learn

I decided to try the Six Sentence Challenge issued by GirlieOnTheEdge at her blog. The idea is to write a story in six sentences — no more, no less. The prompt word is SCRIBE and here’s my response:

The Semi-Scribe

Wanting to inspire other poor kids with her own ghetto-to-CEO success story, the chief executive officer of a leading multi-national conglomerate hired a young English literature graduate to ghostwrite her memoir.

After a day of working through the CEO’s notes the grad presented a transcript to her boss for proofreading. The executive shook her head in dismay after finding eleven spelling mistakes, thirteen wrong homonyms, six dangling participles, four misplaced modifiers and seven incorrect verb tenses.

“How did you ever get through university, writing all those term papers and theses, when you don’t know basic English,” the CEO asked the ghastly scribe.

“Well, actually…I hired another student to write those for me,” the grad explained. “She was working her way through college.”

18 thoughts on “Pay As You Learn

    1. Glad my story gave you a chuckle. I was inspired by a stat I read in the 1980s: Southam News Services released the results of a nationwide survey on literacy in Canada. According to their findings one in every twelve university grads was “functionally illiterate.” The test given involved reading, things like figuring out change, bank statements, bus schedules. Sigh.

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    1. I’m happy to have given you a smile. Laughter is good medicine, as I just read on your blog. 🙂
      Years ago one of the students in Bob’s French class, a uni grad (archeologist?) was struggling to learn French and greatly handicapped by the fact that he didn’t know English grammar. Direct objects and verb tenses were a mystery to him.

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  1. Commentary on the state of education?! (asks the old timer, lol) Love the title.

    A pleasure to read you at the Six, Christine. Welcome. Perhaps you’ll come over to my Thursday post and link your Six? (link closes tonight 11:55) I see a couple of familiar faces here from the SSS but I know for a fact, others would love to read your story!

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