A Lot More Said Than Done

The Ragtag Daily Prompt today is MYOPIC; Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day is LUGUBRIOUS. I thought this could make an interesting combination

Myopia is a medical condition that affects millions of people, myself included. The viewer is near-sighted, not able to clearly see objects far away. Being myopic is being nearsighted. Figuratively, it means having a narrow or self-centered point of view. Focusing on right now, things that relate to a particular group rather than things that may come in the future, or that relate to many people. Lacking in foresight or discernment.

Lugubrious means looking or sounding mournful, dismal, or very sad — often in an exaggerated or insincere way. Synonyms: Bleak, cheerless, saturnine, depressing.

I wonder how many of you readers remember the comic strip Tumbleweed, and one native brave in particular, aptly named Lugubrious Lizard?

Now for my exemplifying tale:

A Lot More Said Than Done

The government was proposing a giant hydro-electric dam on the Sticks River, near the town of Stickside. A briefing session was called to air all the pros and cons.

Those in favor were upbeat and pushy: “This new dam will generate enough electricity to supply a city the size of Toronto for years to come.”

Conservationists took a lugubrious view. “Building this dam will destroy the environment to perpetuity.”

“And the Sticks River is the primary nesting site of the yellow-billed ruckus,” An ornithologist added. “The bird population will be decimated; it may mean the end of the species. The dam must be built on a different river.”

The pushers disagreed: “Ruckus are smart. They’ll nest somewhere else.”

The Pros said: “If this project goes through, we can sell electricity.”

The Cons replied, “Money isn’t everything.”

“You people are mostly retired or have secure jobs,” a Pro countered. “You don’t need to worry about earning a living. What about the rest of us?”

The citizens of Stickside were likewise divided. Pros said, “This project will create jobs. The cash coming in will do wonders for the town.”

Doubtful Cons shook their heads. “Who wants all these workers coming in and corrupting our peaceful town? Drink, drugs, immorality. In spite of the immediate boost, in the long run this project will leave us with so many social problems. And furthermore, land around the town may be flooded because of the dammed river.”

Clean-energy pushers said, “The government should rather build wind turbines. Much less damage to the environment.”

“No! Never!” myopic ornithologists wailed. “Wind turbines kill birds. Soon we’ll have no birds left in our land.”

The pros sighed and the cons smiled when the government decided to shelve the project until more statistics could be compiled.

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