come here to bask
only -30

Actually, it’s -32 C (-25 F) as I write this at 6am. The poor snowbirds will be shivering even if it is warmer here than in the northern lands they came from. They are such cute little birds. The flocks of mostly white, brown-dabbed snow buntings add a nice touch to our winter scene.

Actually -30 isn’t unbearable in itself, but if you add even the slightest breeze, the cold becomes unbearable. According to Environment Canada Saskatoon, the wind is 12 kmph (7 mph), which drops the wind chill factor to -42″C, so they’ve issued an “EXTREME COLD WARNING.” That kind of cold usually closes the schools — which in turn will likely cancel our church ladies’ Sewing day as moms stay home with children.

And, once in a lifetime…

on a Tuesday
I get to practice my 2's
writing today

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