Pedestrian Cares

It’s time to post my response to the Six Sentence Story prompt, where the given word was MUNDANE

All Those Pedestrian Cares

“Hey Dad, my pal Abby just sold me his old Honda, so I wanna see if Tianna will go with me and we’ll split from this Dullsville, all these stifling rules and restrictions, and go see the world.”

“So you think you can head out, just you two, and live a free and easy life on the road? What about food, clothes, a roof over your head when it rains– all those mundane things your mother and I are now supplying?”

“We can crash in campgrounds where it’s safe; for gas and food money I can probably do the pedestrian stuff for awhile, pick up a little work here and there along the way.”

“Tires and repairs can be costly, you know – and if you should happen to have a baby you’ll need baby food, diapers, clothes.”

“Actually, Dad, I was hoping you’d let me have a credit card, too – me being your son and all.”

Image by Alexandra Koch — Pixabay

35 thoughts on “Pedestrian Cares

  1. Let ’em go. They’ll learn all those life lessons, just like we did, provided they do it on their own money. 😉
    A brief personal anecdote if I may. I did a similar thing when I was 20 and a friend gave me 50c to put in my wallet so I was never broke. I spent that last 50c on a train ticket to a job interview, where I desperately lied my way into getting a start. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. I think it’s great for a young person to get out there and see the world, but do it solo. Don’t take on the responsibility for someone(s) else unless you’re ready to protect her/them from harm and pay the bills, IMO. I hope Tianna has a bit more foresight.

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  2. Ah parenting of adult children! Where we place one hand on their shoulders, the other over our mouths, which makes it much harder for us to pull that credit card out of our wallets> 😀

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