Cave Art

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is CAVERN and here’s my response…

Virginia cave photo by adoborepublic — Pixabay


“Come on,” Benji urged his sister as he led the way into the cave. “Don’t be scared. This place is really worth seeing!”

Debby looked around in awe. “This isn’t just a cave. This is a cavern!”

“Cave, cavern. What’s the difference? It’s amazing, isn’t it?”

Cavern sounds so much more exotic, extravagant. And this is definitely exotic.””

They flicked on their flashlights and made their way deeper into the cave — or cavern. Soon they came to a wall with a drawing on it.”

“And will you look at this,” Debby exclaimed. “Ancient art! I wonder what sort of prehistoric people wandered in here centuries ago and drew this.”

“Hmm…” Benji examined the art closely. “They must have been able to mix up some really good paint, that it’s lasted all these years. It looks a lot like an ordinary cat. Or what do you think it is?”

“You’re right, it does look like a cat. I wonder if those ancient people had domestic cats, or if it was some wild animal that’s extinct now.”

A voice behind them called out, “Hey, you kids. Be careful, there. Don’t mess with my artwork.”

Benji’s eyes popped wide open. “You painted this? It wasn’t some ancient artist?”

“Nope. I drew it last week. I decided this morning that I’d come back and see if it needed any finishing touches.”

“Why ever did you do that,” Debby asked. “Are you trying to fool people, or what?”

“And why shouldn’t I? Just think. This painting will make people curious for centuries to come. Who drew this here? What sort of animal is it? In fact it’s my cat Darkster, but in a couple hundred years no one will know that. People love mysteries — they always will.”

It must be true, because Benji and Debbie pondered the mystery of the odd artist and his cat every time they thought of the beautiful cavern.

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